You can use the recognition report to track your 10-10-10 (three levels of Jewelers in your Premier family).

Go to the recognition report (mega phone icon) and select the past 11 months and current month for your 12 month view.

Only select 1st level and All Jewelers for results.

Then only select the columns that relate to a level.

NOTE: You can include the new "My Designer Leg" which indicates they are a Leg to someone, while also select Designer Legs which shows how many Designer Legs that person has.

Then sort by "My Designer Leg" so the "yes" results are at the top.

Now you can see at one glance who is on target to maintain at their current level.  By using the new "paper icon" to the left of one of your first level Jewelers will change this entire screen to show THEIR first level and the same status of each.  You will need to resort the "My Designer Leg" on the new screen to show their "Yes" as Legs for them.