When you are entering in an address, follow these steps:

1.   Make sure the green highlight is on the “Address Lookup” option and NOT on the “Manual Entry” option.

2.   Begin typing in the address without periods. For example, type “123 e main”.

(NOTE: If you are entering an address that includes an apartment number, you must type the address in first WITHOUT the apartment. You will be prompted to enter the specific apartment number AFTER the address is already entered.)

3.   The predictive feature will begin to list all of the options available…it will likely pull up multiple options. 

4.   Select the correct address.

5.   If an apartment number is required with this address, enter it in the next drop down box.

6.   You’ll notice the system will automatically apply the correct +4 and the tax rate will be accurate as well.

7.   Follow this same process with all addresses for your customers.

8.   If you are unable to find the address using the lookup option, you will have to use the “Manual Entry” option.