You can adjust the amount you charge your customer if you have ProPay linked to your profile. Simply open the customer order and use the add payment option under Order Summary. Once the payment options appear, select Custom. You can create a custom payment and enter a dollar amount to reduce the customer’s total due. The custom payment feature will require a description to be entered in the Type box. This is the area the name of the discount can be entered. In the example below we created a $10 off custom amount.

Please note this feature does not work if there is not a ProPay account listed in the your Jeweler profile.


Step 1. Click Add Payment


Step 2: Select Custom


Step 3: Enter the dollar amount you are gifting in the Amount box. You must give the Amount a name in the Type box



Step 4: Once you click OK, the discount and the name will appear.


Step 5: Click Add Payment to process your next payment type or add another custom offer. The remaining total will be less the custom discount amount.