You can easily print or download a pdf receipt to share with your customers and Hostesses once their order is submitted to Premier.

To locate your customer's receipts follow these steps:

Login to the Jeweler Site, select Orders and click to select the tab for either Submitted or Shipped orders. There are no customer receipts for incomplete orders that have not yet been submitted to Premier Designs.

You will see two options appear, select Customer Receipt.

Then you will see a PDF of your Customer's receipt. The PDF version gives you flexibility to easily print or share the receipt electronically with your customer.

This receipt will show your contact information, the Order#, the date the order was submitted as well as the customer's information up top. Then, it will show the Item #, Item Name, Quantity, Suggested Retail, Adjusted Retail and Total. This receipt will also show shipping costs as well as discounts on shipping or jewelry if your customer is also a Gem Member.

Will the receipt list my customer’s form of payment?

The receipt will not list your customer's form of payment, but it will show the total due and the status of Paid or Unpaid.


How  can I change the customer receipt to Paid?

Log back into the customer order, click Unpaid (located below the Customer Payment section), and select  Save Changes. The customer order is now set as paid.

How can I get back to my order from a customer receipt without having to log out?
Select the Back to Orders option at the top of the receipt.

Have Questions?

Contact Premier Designs Customer Service at 1-800-486-7378 M-F from 7:30am - 7:00pm (CST).