To locate your Inactive Jeweler Report follow these steps:

Login to the Jeweler Site, select Reports and then click the Inactive Jeweler icon.

You'll notice the following information pulls into this report:

  • Jeweler #
  • Name
  • Start Date
  • Inactive Date
  • Email Address (if we have one on file for this Jeweler)
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Birthday
  • Original Sponsor (the Jeweler they originally joined Premier with)
  • Last Sponsor (the Jeweler who was their immediate upline when they were made inactive)

You can sort this information by clicking on the column header. (ie: click on Inactive Date to sort ascending/descending)

You can use additional filters, download this report to Excel, or email selected Inactive Jewelers using these icons in the upper right corner.

Are Jewelers who have been Inactive less than 6 months on this list?

Yes, and remember - they will need to renew. Since they have been Inactive less than 6 months they cannot rejoin as a new Jeweler at this time.

Why do I see Jewelers on my report I did not sponsor?

You may not be their original sponsor, but you are either their Last Sponsor or if their Last Sponsor is now inactive they have rolled up to your report.

Does this report include all Inactive Jewelers?

Yes, if a Jeweler was made inactive yesterday they will be shown on this report.

Why is there no email address?

If there is no email address (N/A) then we do not have one on file for this Inactive Jeweler.

What if their email address, phone number, etc is no longer valid?

The information in this report is what we had on file when they were made Inactive. We do not have a way to update it.

Will Jewelers who took advantage of a Buy Back be on this Inactive Jewelers list?

Yes, they were made Inactive and will be on this report.

Can I share this list with other Jewelers?

Yes, you may share this list with another Premier Designs Jeweler if you choose to do so.

Can an Inactive Jeweler return with their original Jeweler number?

If a Jeweler has been inactive more than 6 months they will need to join again and thus have a new Jeweler number. If a Jeweler has been inactive less than 6 months when they renew they will keep the same Jeweler number.

If my returning Jeweler already has a Jeweler Rewards credit card can they use it again?

Yes, they can link the prior card to her new account by selecting "YES" for Jeweler Rewards credit card in the sign-up process. Next, enter the name and mailing address exactly as it appears on their existing Jeweler Rewards card statement (this will link it to their existing credit card). The system will return a message stating a card is already on file and allow them to proceed with the contract linking the existing card their new Jeweler application/account.

My returning jeweler went past the Rewards Card application, how do we go back?

If your prospect is in the application and already went past the spot to apply for the reward card, they can still get back to this section as long as payment has not been submitted on the contract. To get back to the reward card application section once you've already passed it, just scroll up to see the reward card section again.