There are 2 easy ways a customer can sign-up for a Gem Membership!

#1 Your Personal Website - they can click the gem icon in the header or any of the graphics! Then, they can continue to shop for jewelry and checkout when they're ready.

#2 You can add it to their Individual or Group order by clicking the "Add Gem Membership" pink button! Please keep in mind you must enter a valid email for a Gem Member.

What happens after they sign-up?

  1. They become a Gem Member once you submit their order to Premier Designs.
  2. They'll receive a Welcome Email from the Home Office.
  3. The Gem Membership is valid for one full year to the date and time it is submitted.

Does a Gem Member have to sign-up from my Personal Website?
No, we always want things to be flexible for you and your customers. You can simply add a Gem Membership to their customer order and submit it for them (just like any other order).