What is included in the sub-total for the Hostess?

Hostess Retail, Hostess Half-price, and any overage on their Hostess Free selections count toward their gift-with-purchase item(s).

Will the Promotion appear on our personal sites so that our clients will be able to see the promotion before ordering?

It will be advertised on Jeweler personal websites; however, the items will not appear in the customer's shopping cart at checkout.  The gift with purchase item(s) will be added when the order ships from the distribution center.

Do I need to pay tax on the free items Premier will send to my customers?

There is no cost to the Jeweler or the customer.


Can I wait until May to submit my April Orders?

This promotion is intended to motivate your customers to shop with you in May, not to delay your customer's April orders.

Can Customer Service swap Upper Level for Soft Touch?

No, unfortunately we cannot manually adjust orders to include Soft Touch. Soft Touch is available for retail purchase, so if your customer would like to purchase it or use it with their Hostess Benefits they can do that.