This can happen when we are unable to pass the customer credit card information to ProPay for processing.

This can usually be corrected by removing your ProPay Account number from your profile and reentering the account number.  Please verify your account number directly with ProPay before completing the steps below.

·  Login to the Jeweler Site

·  Click My Account

·  Click Account (tab)

·  Go to the ProPay Account section  

·  Click Unlink ProPay. Click Unlink in the pop up to remove the account

·  Click Connect My ProPay Account

·  Reenter your ProPay Account number  and email address associated with ProPay

·  Click the Link ProPay button

It will usually take about 10-30 minutes for the customer credit card  Charge Card Now option to work once the steps are completedIf this does not correct the error, you may want to contact your customer for their complete credit card number and process the charge directly through ProPay manually.