FedEx Home & FedEx Ground Delivery:

  • FedEx Home deliveries are Tuesday - Saturday, 9 am to 8 pm (local) for US & Hawaii (Puerto Rico excluded).
  • Cannot deliver to a PO Box.
  • Deliveries to a business require the package be delivered to FedEx Ground.  Must have the name of the company, recipient of package, and Suite/Building number of the business for delivery.
  • Specific delivery times cannot be scheduled.
  • A $17 service fee is charged to make an address correction or re-route a ground Home delivery package (this may delay delivery).  Overnight and 2nd Day packages are charged $17 for an address correction or to re-route the package.

FedEx Express:

  • Delivery days are Monday - Friday to the US & Hawaii (Puerto Rice excluded).  No Saturday delivery option is available.
  • Overnight deliveries are scheduled to arrive by 3:00 pm the next business day.  Second Day deliveries are scheduled to arrive by 4:30 pm the second business day.
  • A $17 service fee to correct an address or reroute a package is required by FedEx.  Keep in mind this change may delay delivery
  • Any changes asked for in terms of address changes or re-routes will result in a charge back to the requesting Jeweler.

For FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Express:

  • Claims for lost or damages packages must be filed by Premier Designs (the Shipper) Customer Services.

UPS (United Parcel Service):

  • Home delivery hours are 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (local time).
  • Ground & Express deliveries are Monday - Friday in the US and Hawaii (Puerto Rico excluded).
  • Commercial delivery hours are normal business hours.
  • Packages may be re-routed to a different address than originally provided, but only after the first delivery attempt is made.  UPS charges $17 per package for intercept and redeliver.
  • Address corrections can be made by calling Premier Designs Customer Services.  UPS charges $17 per package for address correction, before delivery attempts and $17 per package for intercept and reroute and re-delivery.
  • UPS Ground packages cannot be scheduled to be delivered at a specific time of day, but UPS Express shipments (Overnight or Second Day) have guaranteed delivery times that vary by the delivery method selected.
  • All claims for lost or damaged packages must be filed by Premier Designs (the Shipper).  If you have a package that is lost or damaged, contact Premier Designs Customer Services.

Specific questions may be answered by Premier Designs Customer Service at 1-800-486-7378 M-F from 8am - 6pm (CST).