As a Jeweler you can earn jewelry discounts that will automatically apply to your next personal order.  When you earn a jewelry discount then the next time you shop for jewelry on a personal order the entire discount will be applied to your order.  If you only need business essentials (such as catalogs) then you will be able to place a personal order for business essentials only and not have your jewelry discount applied to the order.

NOTE: You must use the entire jewelry discount on a single personal order.  Any discount amount that is not redeemed on your personal order will be lost.

Follow these steps to shop and apply your earned jewelry discount to a personal order:

  • Login to the Jeweler Site
  • Click Orders
  • Click the Create New Order button  
  • Click "Shop for Myself - Personal" to begin your a personal order  
  • Shop to add jewelry to your order!  You may SEARCH for specific items by name or item # OR you can use the filters on the left side of the navigation to filter the jewelry by color, style, and price.
  • You will see the discount for jewelry and business essentials applied prior to checkout.  Be sure you maximize your credits prior to checkout.  They will continue to grow to the full amount until you meet or exceed it.

Retail vs Jeweler Cost:

When redeeming jewelry discount, be aware that a discount is off of Jeweler Cost.  For example, if you earn a $300 discount it will subtract $300 off of your Jeweler Cost- which is $600 in retail jewelry!  When entering your retail selections online, the order will show the Jeweler Cost, not retail.  It will also apply your jewelry credit at Jeweler Cost, not retail.

Also as a Jeweler you do not pay tax on the retail amount of your selections on a personal order. Premier Designs only collects the Jeweler Cost plus tax.