When you view your submitted orders the Jeweler Share and Hostess Benefit amounts may look incorrect.

This is because the system updates the Jeweler Share and Hostess Benefits for promotions ($14 with 40% benefits and $10 with 30% benefits), so previously submitted orders are displaying the current Jeweler Share and Hostess Benefit calculation instead of showing what was actually submitted properly with the order.

For example, because the 40% Hostess Benefit Promotion has ended the system now displays 30% Hostess Benefits with a $10 Jeweler Share on ALL orders (even previously submitted during February with 40% benefits).

When you review submitted orders they should reflect what was submitted.  This is a known issue that will be corrected.  In the meantime, orders you submitted will be fulfilled as they were submitted and when receipts are provided to you they will reflect the correct totals and payments.  So, please do not be concerned.