What is “High Fashion” jewelry?

High Fashion Jewelry has the look of fine jewelry without the expensive price tag. From time to time we will have a few genuine sterling silver pieces in our line, but our focus is high fashion pieces made from a non-precious metal base that is electroplated with a fine metal. Quality faux and semiprecious stones provide the look of fine jewelry in line with the latest fashion trends.

Each piece of Premier’s High Fashion Jewelry is manufactured to comply with strict quality control standards. Unlike fine jewelry, our items are not designed for daily wear. We have one of the finest and most liberal guarantees, but as with all fashion accessories, time and wear will result in the need to purchase replacement items after several seasons of use.

Where is Premier’s jewelry made?

Premier Designs Jewelry has always been made/assembled both here and abroad and can change due to supply and demand.

Our manufacturers, including Premier Manufacturing and others located Northeastern Unites States, may purchase some components (stones, clasps, beads, posts, chains, etc.) from foreign suppliers. Some of this is in the form of raw materials and other items are further along in the manufacturing process. Since US Customs requires disclosure on any product that is made from a percentage of materials that come from outside the USA, you may notice labels that call out “Made in China” or “Made in Mexico”.

You can be assured that our focus is always on quality regardless of where the products are sourced. We have high expectations for our suppliers’ inspection process and even higher standards for our internal inspection process here at the Home Office.

What kinds of metals does Premier use?

With the exception of sterling silver pieces, all of our items will contain a base layer of nickel plating. Nickel gives brightness and hardness to the plating which improves the quality and durability of our jewelry. The most commonly used base metals are a high grade pewter, zinc and brass. Pewter is a metal alloy made up of tin and lead. We do not use cadmium in the manufacturing of our jewelry.

Stainless steel has a very small amount of nickel but it does not cause a reaction in most people. It's part of what makes some grades so shiny and durable.

Earring posts used by Premier are made of surgical steel or titanium, both of which are hypoallergenic. This also includes hoops and clip-po earrings. Please remember that only the posts are hypoallergenic…the plating on the earring itself that comes in contact with her earlobe will contain nickel.

Fishhook and European wire earrings will contain nickel in the plated wire that extends through the ear.

What if my customer is sensitive to nickel?

Some people are sensitive to nickel when it touches a significant portion of their skin in one concentrated area or over time. People who are highly sensitive to metal may also want to try a skin guard specifically for metal sensitive skin. This is a clear solution that can be brushed onto metal jewelry; it will remind you of a clear acrylic nail polish. You can check locally for this item, but Premier Incentives offers a skin guard called L’Protect clear Jewelry shield.

What is gold tone?

Gold tone is a process of plating an item with brass to achieve a desired gold finish look. The item is then coated with a clear lacquer to deter tarnishing and enhance durability. The metals vary with supplier and may achieve a unique look and finish. Gold tone and gold tone plating will be the same. These items will follow the same cleaning procedures as other high fashion jewelry plated items.

What is imitation rhodium plated?

Like gold tone, Imitation rhodium is a combination of metals that, when applied as a plating, gives an item the look of rhodium with a durable finish. The metals vary with supplier and may achieve a unique look and finish.

Do we use Swarovski Crystals?

Our suppliers use Swarovski and other comparable high quality crystals in our jewelry pieces.

What is Premier’s policy on fair trade and ethical manufacturing?

We do our best to treat all of our associates and business partners as part of the Premier Designs family. We have very long term relationships with most of our suppliers and vendors and trust them to engage in Fair Trade practices.