How do I qualify for a rebate of the Annual Fee?

When you process $600 in credit card sales through your ProPay Account within 90 days from the date you opened a ProPay account OR within 90 days from renewing your ProPay Account then you will receive a rebate -- up to $39.95.

How do I receive the $39.95 rebate?

Once you have met the $600 processing requirement, print and complete this REBATE FORM . Your request must be postmarked within 120 calendar days of your signup or renewal.

If I qualify for the Annual Fee rebate, how will I receive it?

Your rebate will be issued to your ProPay account as processing credits equal to the annual fee paid (up to $39.95) on future charges that you process through your ProPay account. Be aware that since it is issued as a processing credit to your charges, you will not see a single, lump-sum credit.