What is CV?

Commission Volume (CV) is the dollar amount on which your 10-10-10 commissions are paid.

Jewelers purchase jewelry from Premier Designs at a set Jeweler's Cost which is 50% of suggested retail.

Whenever an order is submitted at Jeweler's Cost the total is added to the CV.

All Group and Individual Orders are submitted at Jeweler's Cost so this amount is added to the CV.

Whenever a Personal Order is submitted for jewelry and it contains a discount it is not added to CV.  If the Personal Order is submitted for jewelry at full Jeweler's Cost it is added to CV.

Your commission each month is 10% of the total commission volume of your first, second and third levels.

What is Retail?

When looking at Premier Designs reporting you may see a difference between CV and Retail.  Please keep in mind that retail is based on the amount in which a piece of jewelry is sold to a customer through a Group or Individual Order. Personal Orders submitted for jewelry do not count towards Retail since they are always submitted at Jewelers Cost (CV).