To change your shipping address for a personal order you simply edit the shipping address of the order.

During the checkout process you may scroll up to review shipping information.  If you do not want to ship to the default address displayed then simply click within the "Full Address" field and begin typing the address you want your personal order to ship to.  If you see the correct address populate in the drop down you may select it at any time OR select "I don't see my address".


You may also be prompted to select "I don't see my address" to collect additional address details (such as suite/apt #).  If you enter in a new address in the Full Address field you will see a green button "Update Default Shipping Address" appear.  If you click it then the address you just entered will be saved as your new DEFAULT shipping address.

You can also update the "ship to" name in case you are shipping to a location that may not recognize your name for a delivery.  You can do this during Checkout by editing the Customer Information Name field.