If a customer does not associate their online order to an event then it will not display within the group order, but will display as an individual order.  In order to make sure your Hostess receives credit for that order please follow these steps:

  1. Find the Individual order on your Jeweler Site under Incomplete Orders.
  2. Do NOT submit this order to Premier.
  3. Find the Group order for the Event.
  4. If you haven’t started the group order yet, click Create New Order > Group Order > and select the Event from the drop down.
  5. Add the customer from the individual order to the Event order.
  6. Add the products from the customer’s individual order to the group order.
  7. Check to see if the customer submitted payment, and if so, charge the card for payment, making sure the correct shipping amount is included—direct ship or ship to event.
  8. Manually mark this customer’s order as paid (if you charged the card on the individual order) or collect payment. It’s a good idea to place a note in the Event comment section to remind yourself the payment was processed outside the Event order.
  9. Now your Hostess will receive the retail credit associated with this customer for the total retail of her Event!
  10. Continue to add orders to your group order and submit to Premier when ready!