Your recognition report provides helpful insights for the activity of your downline, so it is primarily used for recognition purposes by Jewelers with a downline.

Here is a sample of some of the valuable information included in the Recognition Report:

  • Class
  • Level
  • Total Group Orders
  • Total Group Order Retail
  • Total Retail
  • Total CV
  • Sponsored
  • Review Date
  • Renewal Date
  • Jeweler Class Changes
  • Birthday
  • and more!

To access your Premier Designs Recognition Report click on Family Tree and then the megaphone icon in the upper left corner.

Then, you can also export your Recognition Report details as an excel file.  To do this click the download button in the upper right corner of the Recognition Report.  Keep in mind that even though you may have applied specific column filters when you export it will include ALL information for your ENTIRE Recognition Report.

PLUS! Now, when you export your Recognition Report it will include all Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers for your downline!

As of December 2017 all information included in your Recognition Report is accurate and correct. Please keep in mind that while Exchange Orders are still being entered as either Individual or Personal Order Types it may slightly skew the data, but the report itself is accurate.

NOTE:  If you notice any inconsistencies in your Recognition Report that are not outlined above please email us at .