Your recognition report provides helpful insights for the activity of your downline, so it is primarily used for recognition purposes by Jewelers with a downline.

Your Recognition Report includes:

  • Class
  • Level
  • Total Group Orders
  • Total Group Order Retail
  • Total Retail
  • Total CV
  • Sponsored
  • Review Date
  • Renewal Date
  • Jeweler Class Changes
  • Birthday
  • and more!

To access your Recognition Report click on Reports and then the megaphone icon in the upper left corner.

Then, you can also export your Recognition Report details as an excel file.  To do this click the download button in the upper right corner of the Recognition Report.  Keep in mind that even though you may have applied specific column filters when you export it will include ALL information for your ENTIRE Recognition Report.

PLUS! When you export your Recognition Report it includes the mailing addresses and phone numbers of your downline!

If you have any questions about your Recognition Report please email us at