Receiving this email prompting you to update payment information?

You need to update your payment information connected to your Personal Website subscription.  If you do not update your payment information then your website is at risk to be offline.  Having a form of payment setup for your personal website is different than having a form of payment on file with your Premier Designs account.  So, add/update payment information in the My Account > Personal Website tab as soon as possible.

NOTE:  This does not necessarily mean there is an issue with your credit card.  It may just mean that you need to designate which card is used for your Personal Website payment or your card may have expired.

When you reach the Personal Website tab you may be prompted to "Invest in a Personal Website".  Click the green button to proceed and enter payment information.

Your website status will either be ONLINE (displaying for your customers), OFFLINE (not displaying for your customers), or CANCELLED (your website is currently online, but will be offline soon).

Click Update Payment Method to select another card or add a new card for your Personal Website subscription.

If you need to add a new card simply click "Add New Card" and fill in your card information.