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Shipping Notifications

I am unable to notify my costumers and hostesses as to when they will receive orders. I loved this feature with the old tracking service we used. It was an excellent last point of customer service I was able to provide to them. Using Surepost my customer now receives an email that shows ALL of my orders that have been placed. Upon opening the email they will naturally scroll to the bottom which will show someone else's order that has arrived. This is extremely confusing.  I am unable to tell them when they will be receiving things. The end result using Surepost is that my hostesses and customers inform me when things arrive. I truly miss that last piece of offering excellent, professional customer service. I see no added value to using Surepost. Reviews indicate how poor this service is. What was the thought behind changing services? Thanks for all you do! I will be looking forward to your reply.

Laurie Burley

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