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Replacing retired items

With the new exchange form is there anyway to exchange a retired item for a current item? I have the Blake necklace from several years ago that is missing a stone.  I don't necessarily need that specific necklace sent back, but something of similar value would be great.  I know we used to be able to do this with the old format, but I am not sure how to handle it with the new form. 


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 I think there is a paper form that you can send back. If I find it will update you.

Following.  I have a retired pair of earrings I need to exchange.  Thanks!

I need to do this too and I can't find the form.

I need help with this too.  I took a little time off from Premier. Part of the reason I came back was to help my old customers with this.  Please let me know how to replace retired pieces.  Thank you!

i need to exchange the tassel town necklace for a customer, where do i find the form to print out?

Go to University, Ready to Sparkle, then scroll to the bottom. There will be a set of pink boxes, one of them says "exchange form." Click there and you'll be able to print 

I also need help with this!!!

go to University, it's under New Jewler, Forms, Exchange Form

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